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Minimal Portfolio Designers

We are a small machineshop in the middle of nowhere in Insjön, Sweden, mostly concentrating on bicycle related prototyping.

We mostly make your orders upon request. We make custom parts so our delivery time (normally 6-8 weeks) is a little bit longer than serie produced parts. But it´s hand made and light, worth the wait for sure.

We make all kinds of light weight bike products, and you will find them all here. If you miss anything in the bike market you can always turn to us. We specialize in making new and custom parts, if you have an idea we have the solution and will make it for you!

Mattias Hellöre (CEO/Head Engineer/Owner)

(We always answer mails, but it can take up to one week. If we haven´t answered in that time, please try again!)

Company/Payment INFO:

VAT No: SE780411049701

account owner: Mattias Hellöre
Adress: Bjorkvagen 26, 79340 Insjon Sweden.

IBAN: SE45 8000 0818 7713 7675 4303

Bank name: Leksands Sparbank
Sparbanksgatan 1
Box 77, 793 22 Leksand

PayPal account:

For Swedish/Nordic customers:
Bankgiro: 492-4627