The postman

  I got these for some minutes ago, my daughter Aimee said mom was home? What?, no mom here she knocked on the door, of course I´m deaf.. Opened, boy here´s my favorite guy for this week, the postman on his red DHL truck. I ordered bearings last day some 618o5 and SY20TF. Why SY20TF?, I got tired of the crappy Z axle motion of my CNC converted mill, the

10s 11-23 carbon cassette.

I got a request from a guy who wanted the lightest available cassette I could offer. No need to be stiff during shifting and no need for extreme longevity. My offer was a nearly full carbon cassette as 11 and 12t is not that easy to machine to be durable in carbon fiber. 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23 if I recall right. Cog base thickness is 2.3mm  and the splines to the freehub body