Got up very early today (05:16) , fired up the CNC mill to making aluminum rings to the steerer tubes.
The anodizer was and are very late this time, got the stuff I badly needed yesterday!!

The waterjet cutter hasn´t delivered my titanium rings YET, I sent the drawings mid february.

So I´m stuck at home at my own, making that I can do which is raw colored steerer tube rings and side projects I like to do.

In the following weeks I have some special projects to unveil for you visitors on my blog here.
Something new and radical for Lefty users!
Beside this I´m trying a new design on the aluminum rings for the lefty tubes, managed to shave off 5 more grams without sacrificing strength.

So the record weight for a 210mm 1 1/8 could be shaved from 68 to 63 grams, want it sub 60?, maybe doable.

Until now 102 steerer tubes was made and delivered, one is broken in France, two was sloppy in the bearing  interface.

One is reported sloppy in the carbon tube.

The sum is 4 defective from over 100 pcs, all of them hand made by me.

NOT BAD for a butcher like me!


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