Boy, it was a tough but intensive week that passed.


Fullfilled my order to , some of orders that included a ORANGE steerer tube to be on a Niner bike.

Upcoming projects will be interesting to see what I can achieve with my tools and machines at home.

The only one quality machine I have bought for this machine shop is a Emco Compact 8 lathe, everything other is electric/battery driven hand tools which are of good quality but begin to showing wear and tear now.

The mills I have is from Jula, bought for 300€ each and one is CNC converted including software mach3 and sheetcam it had costed me around 2000€, not bad and the quality X and Y is very competitive but NOT Z axle, which I are solving now with a entirely new Z assembly with ball screws and linear rails.

The lefty steerer tubes was my biggest batch ever, increasing the orders is fun to see but are I enough to make them all in a normal work week with other duties (one sick baby with growing teeths) to spend time on.

The titanium chainrings arrived the same day as last blog update so they are in grinding and final finishing stage now and will be sent this week.

I got two more carbon cassette orders!

/Mattias , the diaper changer.


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