Trying to update a little here.

In last two weeks the snow has melted so much so the frozen earth didn´t drain well enough and the easy way is to get in my shop floor, I was out of town for my younger brothers birthday, in the train home I got a SMSfrom my wife Maja that told me there was several centimeters of water inside my shop.
WTF I thought, it was the melted snow that came, I told her to limit the damages, I was wise enough not to have something expensive on the floor like computers and carbon fiber weave.

Everything was on shelves, but the humidity in the shop was high in about one week afterwards so my gluing and carbon fiber process was severely delayed, pair it with my recently dislocated shoulder, there´s some bad luck streak here!

Last day a friend with a excavator came to fix this issue with drainage, he managed to totally destroy my garden, the problem is there was so much water filled mud under the excavator so the machine slowly sinked through that!

Unbelivable!!, I even payed for that..

Enough of Mr Murphy I think?,  so today and tonight I will try my best to keep up the lost time, I´m very sorry my valued customers!!!

Pics are in my facebook if anyone is interested..


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