[UPDATE 2011-12-13] Our problems with our mail are now solved! Thanks for your patience.

And also IF you have mailed Mattias under 2011 with som important information. PLEASE send this mail again to him at; mattias@hellore.se. Our entire history from 2011 are lost due to Loopia´s server crash .

[Message from 2011-12-07] Our mail and website provider ”Loopia.se” are having problems with their email. Info from this company follows:

”We are currently experiencing disruption to our e-mail service.
Right now, we can not answer when the disruption is over. We update the blogrunning as soon as more information becomes available.”

And during this disruption we can not receive any emails on our @hellore.se emails. [This is now solved and you can mail us as usual]

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