Hi everyone, that´s chief commander Mattias writing here.

Recently and currently I´m sick in sinusitis, bronchitis AND throat infection so I´m on heavy antibiotic to cure me asap.
Your orders are delivered, albeit slowly but they ARE delivering.

From september this year I have been studying full time in a University to be a mechanical engineer, I do have more than 12 years experience in mechanical engineering and design BUT no official exams to back it up.
The plan is to studying full time in at least to 2015.. Tough call but someone has to do this, in this end it will be me.
Your orders will be taken and in worst case I will work a smidge less than what I do now.
But until now I have been balancing on a knife edge with a wonderful balance, I´m balancing between full time studying and my shop, but most important is my family, the light in dark, a supporting wife Maja, my four headed demolition team at Aimee 5, Tristan 4, Aprilia 3, Juliana 1. Yes the numbers represent their age.
If you get a spotty chainring, that´s Tristan´s fault with his greasy fingers.


The year 2011 has been a tough year in many ways, emotionically very tough as my father has passed away, he was the idol of my childhood, he was a very skillful metal worker for 43 years at Ericsson in the stone age when they made telephone stuff in METAL not plastic like now, raising four small kids do require a LOT of patience but very rewarding most of time.

Physically my health has not been perfect, too much stress but I´m handling that better now, have to face the truth if I want to make my goals, something has to suffer – in this end it´s me.

You wanted some news?
This numbers is taken straight of my memory, so no exaggerations here, more a round sum is nicer to see.

Some data:

2 years That´s so long my shop is VAT registered, mostly in part time with other jobs that will pay for my family´s expenses.

100.000 € That´s much money has run into and out of this shop, solely for you customers, I´m paying wages too for Oscar, I haven´t still taken out some wage for meself – yet.

2000 Chainring parts  in Solidworks has been drawn and cutted out.

3 Bikes I have built and then sold without using them at all!, a small machine shop has it´s up and downs.

32 m2 floor space, that´s a lot of my shop?, not really, in upcoming spring I will expand to double to get more floor space and storage.

1 Employee, Oscar who take your phone calls, sometimes he use e-mail.

1 CNC mill , 100% home made and is keeping tolerances within 0.05mm all the day.

100 Kilos of 6al-4v titanium is cutted up and sent to customers, 90% is in 2.2mm (0.080″) thickness.

200 Kilos of 7075-T6 aluminum is cutted in swarfs and sent to customers, thickness is varying between 1-15mm.

200 Lefty steerer tubes (currently delivered number 198) made this year.




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