Currently I´m 2 months behind my schedule with most orders.
Some will be quickly done, some have missing components which I´ve ordered LONG time ago.

In the pipeline is:

Cannondale Hollowgram compatible crankarms with adjustable length – in carbon.
Boone titanium chainrings in some selected sizes – YES you are correct – I´m licensing Bruce Boones design to make the stuf he done.
They will be made of thick titanium, not water jet cutted, entirely done in a CNC mill, that will not be cheap and easily changed for different bolt circles.
Primarily I´m designing 104mm bolt circle and 64mm.
If people mail me with their wishes I can add more current bolt circles that WILL sell.

Saddles for combo mounting.
-17 degree 710mm Lefty-stem-Handlebar combo in carbon for you Lefty 29 er users out there.

That´s all for now.

/Head butcher in E|P – Mattias.

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