With the arrival of Facebook company page the update has slowed down a lot here.

Not a good excuse but, here is a important update, following many more, hopefully!

First of all, XX1 spiders in any flavor you want and even in carbon!

I have dveloped them in aluminum 7075, during the development, a side effect of my clean and simple drawings is it could be transitioned with minimal changes to carbon.

First out will be Lightning and S-Works but for Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL/2 too.



Second out is, the fatbike project! I made a carbon fully rigid lefty for a fatbike enthuiast in Dubuque , IL.

Pics and info will come up shortly.


There is a third to 100s news during this long absence of news feed.

As you all know, the possibilities is ENDLESS.