I´m retrofitting a Octalink V1 SRM wired crankset to a 2011 Scott Scale 10.

In a short summary we need following:

SKF 61805 2RS bearings these are 25x37mm.

Octalink axle 116mm preferrably from a worn out XTR BB from generation 95x.
These are 22mm  on the bearing surface, I glued oversized aluminum sleeves on the axle.

Machined down diameter 50mm POM/ACETAL rod.
It will be as bearing shell and using as spacer for the 61805 bearings pressed in.

So in other words, not plug and play.

The BB retrofitting is nearly done but I managed to break the bearings during press in.
New ones are ordered and hoping not to break them again.

/mattias the chief butcher.

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