Experimental Prototype

I´m still here!

Long time no see.
Really not, in fact I´ve been busy with repairing frames and make new ones.

The idea of my life and EP remains the same. Making a slower pace ,there I can see all they blurry objects in side windows remain sharp.

I will take projects that are fun and overdeliver instead for make a lot of money and underdeliver.

My family of five kids will be soon be six kids, that´s why I do life in a slower pace, I´m there to enjoy life.


Downshifting the world

While I still study and working with my company (EP) besides my other duties in national organisations in Sweden and overseas.
I need to slowly downshift but remaining the competence that made EP unique during the years.
That's by no means to shutting the doors, instead I will choose my projects and do my best.

Now my family had a new addition of a Elise Meghan Marion Margaery Hellöre, today she are a bit over 1 year old, if you are not sure about non biking related stuff (that´s the small head in the bottom and the body mounted to it.).

Me is the right left corner, no employees shown in the pic.





Hi everyone!
I will tell you all, I´m trying to run my company here so many hours I possibly can squeeze out from my time besides the university. It takes determination and motivation to run a company AND full time university studies. For example this term I´m doing 4 parallell courses which easily exceed 40 hours a week, I´m doing that a bit less but I have a supporting family with four small kids aged 3 to 7 years, they need a lot of attention and my mind and person have to be with them when I am at home. I know it is tough but with your patience I can make it all three things going well.

Thanks for all support and patience!


Hello world!

With the arrival of Facebook company page the update has slowed down a lot here.

Not a good excuse but, here is a important update, following many more, hopefully!

First of all, XX1 spiders in any flavor you want and even in carbon!

I have dveloped them in aluminum 7075, during the development, a side effect of my clean and simple drawings is it could be transitioned with minimal changes to carbon.

First out will be Lightning and S-Works but for Cannondale Hollowgram SiSL/2 too.



Second out is, the fatbike project! I made a carbon fully rigid lefty for a fatbike enthuiast in Dubuque , IL.

Pics and info will come up shortly.


There is a third to 100s news during this long absence of news feed.

As you all know, the possibilities is ENDLESS.



Experimental Prototype goes Facebook!

Yep. It´s happened.

From now on, most of the news from -EP- will be posted on our facebook page. We do this change so we can more easily connect and interact with you, our customers.

Orders will still be made via order@hellore.se



Again – long time no see.

Currently I´m 2 months behind my schedule with most orders.
Some will be quickly done, some have missing components which I´ve ordered LONG time ago.

In the pipeline is:

Cannondale Hollowgram compatible crankarms with adjustable length - in carbon.
Boone titanium chainrings in some selected sizes - YES you are correct - I´m licensing Bruce Boones design to make the stuf he done.
They will be made of thick titanium, not water jet cutted, entirely done in a CNC mill, that will not be cheap and easily changed for different bolt circles.
Primarily I´m designing 104mm bolt circle and 64mm.
If people mail me with their wishes I can add more current bolt circles that WILL sell.

Saddles for combo mounting.
-17 degree 710mm Lefty-stem-Handlebar combo in carbon for you Lefty 29 er users out there.

That´s all for now.

/Head butcher in E|P - Mattias.


Carbon repair jobs expanded.

Until now I had run a small side business to repair carbon fiber parts.

But I have now expanded it a bit to be a shop which can repair damaged bike frames and stuf in carbon fiber for one of Sweden´s biggest insurance company.
It´s very fun to know there´s companies who appreciate my work.


Shifting performance of our chainrings.


Update of our status.

Hi everyone, that´s chief commander Mattias writing here.

Recently and currently I´m sick in sinusitis, bronchitis AND throat infection so I´m on heavy antibiotic to cure me asap.
Your orders are delivered, albeit slowly but they ARE delivering.

From september this year I have been studying full time in a University to be a mechanical engineer, I do have more than 12 years experience in mechanical engineering and design BUT no official exams to back it up.
The plan is to studying full time in at least to 2015.. Tough call but someone has to do this, in this end it will be me.
Your orders will be taken and in worst case I will work a smidge less than what I do now.
But until now I have been balancing on a knife edge with a wonderful balance, I´m balancing between full time studying and my shop, but most important is my family, the light in dark, a supporting wife Maja, my four headed demolition team at Aimee 5, Tristan 4, Aprilia 3, Juliana 1. Yes the numbers represent their age.
If you get a spotty chainring, that´s Tristan´s fault with his greasy fingers.


The year 2011 has been a tough year in many ways, emotionically very tough as my father has passed away, he was the idol of my childhood, he was a very skillful metal worker for 43 years at Ericsson in the stone age when they made telephone stuff in METAL not plastic like now, raising four small kids do require a LOT of patience but very rewarding most of time.

Physically my health has not been perfect, too much stress but I´m handling that better now, have to face the truth if I want to make my goals, something has to suffer - in this end it´s me.

You wanted some news?
This numbers is taken straight of my memory, so no exaggerations here, more a round sum is nicer to see.

Some data:

2 years That´s so long my shop is VAT registered, mostly in part time with other jobs that will pay for my family´s expenses.

100.000 € That´s much money has run into and out of this shop, solely for you customers, I´m paying wages too for Oscar, I haven´t still taken out some wage for meself - yet.

2000 Chainring parts  in Solidworks has been drawn and cutted out.

3 Bikes I have built and then sold without using them at all!, a small machine shop has it´s up and downs.

32 m2 floor space, that´s a lot of my shop?, not really, in upcoming spring I will expand to double to get more floor space and storage.

1 Employee, Oscar who take your phone calls, sometimes he use e-mail.

1 CNC mill , 100% home made and is keeping tolerances within 0.05mm all the day.

100 Kilos of 6al-4v titanium is cutted up and sent to customers, 90% is in 2.2mm (0.080") thickness.

200 Kilos of 7075-T6 aluminum is cutted in swarfs and sent to customers, thickness is varying between 1-15mm.

200 Lefty steerer tubes (currently delivered number 198) made this year.





Holiday brake!

Merry Christmas!
We are now slowing down for christmas and we are not accepting/making any new orders until the 5th of january. All delayed orders are being handled under this time and all orders made in november - december are sadly put on hold with prolonged time til delivery.
God Hjul!
Vi saktar nu ned inför (h)jul och tar inga nya orders förrän den 5:e januari. Alla försenade orders kommer att bearbetas och göras under detta uppehåll, och alla orders som gjorts under november och december pausas och får tyvärr förlängd ordertid.

We wish you a great Christmas and hope that you can bike a lot!
Vi önskar Er en underbar jul och hoppas att ni får cykla mycket!

/Mattias Hellöre & Oscar Ekstam

Experimental Prototype