Experimental Prototype

Seat Post

Experimental Prototype Heavy Duty seat post.
Made in our shop with carbon tubes special ordered from a US factory with our own specifications. Highlights like 80% UD carbon and 7075-T6 rod hollowed and strengthened with UD carbon fiber rod, full carbon cradle like Thomson for superior strength and friendly for rails.Weight 135 grams, currently on World Cup rider Emil Lindgren´s Giant Rabobank Hardtail and a handfull of national Swedish riders.

PRICE: €160 including titan hardware


Experimental Prototype ISP seat post.
The one on picture are 95 gram, 37.1mm inner diameter, 120mm l0ng. We can make any size custom are our specialty!

PRICE: €208







Experimental Prototype Integrated Saddle/post.
Made in our shop with our saddle or your own, tubes specialordered from a US factory with our own specifications.
PRICE: Depending on setup.







Experimental Prototype Flite Kevlar.
Made in our shop with 4 layers of Carbon Fiber, the top layer is Pennon Composite Carbon/Kevlar.

PRICE: €200 without rails








Experimental Prototype
"The super special MTV saddle"
Made in our shop with 4 layers of carbon fibre.

We got a request from a pro cyclist a little while ago. He wanted us to make a copy of his old saddle, because the company who made them are no longer in business. The saddle were a MTV-saddle with a strange look, but with a simple design so it was no problem for us... as usual.

PRICE: €200 without rails


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  1. Tento blog je skv?ly. Byl jsem docela jisty, ?e lide najdou to zajimave, proto?e ja ur?it?. p?edm?t va? ?lanek je dob?e napsany a ja jsem jenom myslel, ?e jsem m?l nechat trochu kompliment zde.

  2. Dear Moteur de la bicyclette:
    Please write in english so we can understand you. Google translate can´t understad what you are writing nor can I.

  3. Goed gedaan en keep it up! Ik heb gedacht het starten van een WordPress blog ook. Weet jij sites waar ze je leren hoe?

  4. Thanks! Search the web and you´ll find great tips. No problem just google it!

  5. No problem just google it!

  6. Hello.
    do the seat post come in 34,9ø ?

  7. Hi Ole!

    It´s doable, send us an email on order@hellore.se and we´ll sort it out.


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