Attention; Email problems! [NOW: Problems Solved]

[UPDATE 2011-12-13] Our problems with our mail are now solved! Thanks for your patience. And also IF you have mailed Mattias under 2011 with som important information. PLEASE send this mail again to him at; Our entire history from 2011 are lost due to Loopia´s server crash . [Message from 2011-12-07] Our mail and website provider ”” are having problems with their email. Info from this company follows: ”We are

NEW product prices!

We are now updating our site with prices and weight info about ALL of our popular products. We have a large data-base with weights and prices so be patient. And: We can off-course still make protoypes on demand SO if you don´t find what you are looking for, send us a mail and we´ll make it for you!  

New products AND we also do carbon fibre repair works from now!

New Products! Cannondale Steerer-COMBO (steerer-stem-handlebar). 209 grams for a 600m wide AX poseidon at 89gr with a 72 gr green Lefty tube. Stem rise: -10°, 100mm long. One layer Pennon aramid hybrid weave 6-7 layers carbon 3k on a UD stem tube. Price €500.   ISP´s: The one on picture are 95 gram, 37.1mm inner diameter, 120mm l0ng. We can make any size. Price €208.   Carbon fibre cassette in custom ratios. Weight

Summer break

The summer are upon us and the weather in Sweden are finaly nice and warm… or somewhat warm and if we are lucky; not so rainy. To celebrate this we are going on holyday, and in order to do so and also be able to complete the orders that are due in our orderbook. We have to have an order-stop until end of august. What do this mean? You can

The superspecial MTV saddle

We got a request from a pro cyclist a little while ago. He wanted us to make a copy of his old saddle, because the company who made them are no longer in business. The saddle were a MTV-saddle with a strange look, but with a simple design so it was no problem for us… as usual. This is how it looks like:

A while ago..

Trying to update a little here. In last two weeks the snow has melted so much so the frozen earth didn´t drain well enough and the easy way is to get in my shop floor, I was out of town for my younger brothers birthday, in the train home I got a SMSfrom my wife Maja that told me there was several centimeters of water inside my shop. WTF I

Long time since I updated..

It had been interesting and painful days since last update. First of all, most of the ordered stuff is dispatched. Here is unsorted pics of what I did in last months. Painful? , last week when I had to look at my mailbox, it´s cold and icy here in northern sweden, you know? I fell on the stairs and landed on my axle, pop, it dislocated completely and I had

End of a tough week

Boy, it was a tough but intensive week that passed.   Fullfilled my order to , some of orders that included a ORANGE steerer tube to be on a Niner bike. Upcoming projects will be interesting to see what I can achieve with my tools and machines at home. The only one quality machine I have bought for this machine shop is a Emco Compact 8 lathe, everything other

Midweek projects

Got up very early today (05:16) , fired up the CNC mill to making aluminum rings to the steerer tubes. The anodizer was and are very late this time, got the stuff I badly needed yesterday!! The waterjet cutter hasn´t delivered my titanium rings YET, I sent the drawings mid february. So I´m stuck at home at my own, making that I can do which is raw colored steerer tube

Our largest shipment ever

Mattias got his hands full… Soon are all the alu rings on place as well. This is one of our largest shipments ever. And more orders keeps rolling in. Happy and sweaty days in the shop! Want a superlight Steerer tube to your Lefty? Just give us a call or mail and we will sort it out.