10 speed carbon/aluminum cassette finished!

The side project is finished!!,  I failed to reach sub 60 grams but 0.4 grams is not so much to talk about. The final spacing is one thing left to do, I used 2.5mm thick carbon sheets , then the area around the teeths lathed down to 1.9mm. The weight could be less by using 2mm sheets… 11-12T is in aluminum as the 11 and 12t in carbon would be

The postman

  I got these for some minutes ago, my daughter Aimee said mom was home? What?, no mom here she knocked on the door, of course I´m deaf.. Opened, boy here´s my favorite guy for this week, the postman on his red DHL truck. I ordered bearings last day some 618o5 and SY20TF. Why SY20TF?, I got tired of the crappy Z axle motion of my CNC converted mill, the

10s 11-23 carbon cassette.

I got a request from a guy who wanted the lightest available cassette I could offer. No need to be stiff during shifting and no need for extreme longevity. My offer was a nearly full carbon cassette as 11 and 12t is not that easy to machine to be durable in carbon fiber. 11-12-13-14-15-16-17-19-21-23 if I recall right. Cog base thickness is 2.3mm  and the splines to the freehub body

New Site & New Adress

Bokmark our new adess: http://hellore.se/experimentalprototype! Its here you´ll find us in the future. And we now have a News-page that works like a blog. So add our RSS-flow and follow us real time in our quest in making super light and cool parts. Below you can see our latest project involving SRM cranks and fitting. We will constantly develop this site and soon also offer more products in stock.